Part 2: Application Installation

The Jacobi palletizer application is deployed as an Ubuntu Snap package, which can only be run on an Ubuntu machine. Download the package from your account’s download page. You will need to create an account to access this page.

Once downloaded, it can be installed via:

sudo snap install jacobi-palletizer_*.snap --dangerous --devmode

The --dangerous flag is necessary when installing a Snap package that hasn’t been verified and signed by the Snap Store. The --devmode flag is required to update the snap package from the web browser (from inside the application).

After successful installation, the license needs to be activated to run on the specific computer hardware via:

sudo snap set jacobi-palletizer name=[YOUR-MACHINE-NAME]
sudo snap set jacobi-palletizer license-token=[YOUR-LICENSE-TOKEN]

with a license token that is available in the Jacobi license page.

To start the application, run:

sudo snap start jacobi-palletizer

Open the web application by going to the following URL: [YOUR-IP-ADDRESS]:8080/home.

If you will be using the palletizer application in simulation, the installation is complete. You can proceed to the next section.

If you are setting up a physical palletizer cell, head to the developer settings section to learn about hardware- or cell-specific settings that must be tuned.

For hardware requirements, refer to the hardware requirements section.


To update the application, install the new Snap package without uninstalling the old one first:

sudo snap install jacobi-palletizer_*.snap --dangerous --devmode


If you need to uninstall, run:

sudo snap remove jacobi-palletizer


Uninstalling the application via Snap will delete all files, previously saved palletizing setups, and the hardware-tied license.