We provide two versions of the Jacobi motion library,

  1. a Cloud version that out-sources the heavy motion planning calculations to our servers, is easier to setup, and always uses the latest advances in our algorithms,

  2. and an On-prem version for commerical use-cases requiring highest reliability, lowest latency and more advanced real-time capabilities.

In case you are wondering which version you want, youโ€™re probably looking for the cloud version which is free to install.

The Jacobi library is available on Linux, for C++ (17 and later) and Python (3.8 and later).


The Jacobi Cloud Python package can be installed from PyPI via

pip install jacobi-motion

In case no package could be found, make sure to upgrade pip to the latest available version via pip install pip --upgrade.


The Cloud version requires an API key for authentication that you can access at your user account at You can pass this to the motion library by setting the JACOBI_API_KEY and JACOBI_API_SECRET environment variable.