UR Driver#

The Jacobi Universal Robots (UR) Driver uses the Real-time Data Exchange (RTDE) feature of the UR controllers.

Driver Installation#

To install the Jacobi driver, either download the Debian package from account.jacobirobotics.com or install the Python package via

pip install jacobi-universal-driver

Robot Setup#

First, make sure to set up the robot’s network settings based on your network requirements and note down the robot’s ip address for the drivers’s host.

UR Driver Network Settings

As a heads up, changing the network settings require a controller restart. Then, enable remote control on the teach pendant in the top right menu bar.

UR Driver Remote Control


Here, you can find several examples of using the Driver alongside the Jacobi Motion library.

License Attributions#

This software depends on included third-party libraries that require reproduction of the license text in our distributions.