Yaskawa Driver#

The Jacobi Yaskawa Driver connects with a MotoPlus application running on the robot controller. Our driver builds upon the ROS Industrial Motoman driver, so feel free to look there for further details.

Driver Installation#

To install the Jacobi driver, either download the Debian package from account.jacobirobotics.com or install the Python package via

pip install jacobi-yaskawa-driver

Robot Setup#

Installing on a YRC1000micro Controller#

  1. Download the MotoPlus file, the JOB file, and the IO file from here.

  2. Install the MotoROS MotoPlus Application MotoRosYRC1u_*.out. For that:

    • Bring the controller into MAINTENANCE MODE. For that, restart the controller and press the MAIN MENU button while turning on.

    • Connect a USB drive with the MotoROS MotoPlus App file (*.out).

    • Set the security mode to [Menu] -> [Security] -> [Management]. The default password is 9999999999999999 (just keep 9’ pressed).

    • Go to [Menu] -> [System Settings] -> [Controller] -> [MOTOPLUS APPLICATIONS].

    • Press [ADD], and select the MotoROS Application to install it. Make sure that it reads the files from the correct USB input.

  3. Copy the INIT_ROS.JBI JOB file to the controller.

  4. Copy the IONAME.DAT file to controller.

  5. Set the correct controller configuration:

    • Go to [Setup] -> [Operate Cond] -> [Cycle Switch In xxxx Mode].

    • Change all [Cycle Switch In xxxx Mode] to CYCLE.

  6. Restart the controller to bring it into NORMAL MODE again.


Here, you can find several examples of using the Driver alongside the Jacobi Motion library.


Useful links and documents for troubleshooting:

License Attributions#

This software depends on included third-party libraries that require reproduction of the license text in our distributions.